This site aims to present the following information about the Battle of Britain in an easily accessible format

  • A brief historical background
  • Background and involvement of main protagonists
  • Luftwaffe and RAF Battle management
  • Analysis of the various phases of the Battle
  • Analysis of Operation Seelöwe
  • Unit records of all participating Fighter Command Squadrons and Geschwader with Personnel Records, Claims, Incident timeline, Command, Location and Attrition for all units
  • A day by day log of administration, combats, Operation Seelöwe developments and political background
  • Order of Battle of both the RAF and the Luftwaffe for each of the 114 days
  • More than 10,000 individual personnel records 
  • All airfield locations and occupancy records
  • Analysis of how Scientific Research and Intelligence affected the outcome
  • Aircraft
  • Battle Tactics
  • Battle Statistics
  • Claims and Losses

All feedback is welcomed and will be responded to.

Articles of varying length (20p/word) may be commissioned on the following subjects;

Individual Squadron Timelines.

The wide variation in effectiveness of Fighter Command squadrons.

Individual Geschwader Timelines.

Göring; 'Iron Man'  or bon vivant.

Göring and the rise of the Luftwaffe.

Göring’s leadership of the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain.

The role of the Junkers Ju87 'Stuka' dive bomber in the Battle of Britain.

The role of the Messerschmitt Bf110 'Zerstörer' in the Battle of Britain.

The failure of Luftwaffe planning before the Battle of Britain.

The failure of Luftwaffe Intelligence in the Battle of Britain.

Internecine Warfare in the Luftwaffe High Command.

Erprobungsgruppe 210; The birth of a new concept in aerial warfare.

Luftwaffe Intelligence; Martini vs Schmid.

The role of radar in the Battle of Britain.

Saved by Science; The vital role of the Tizard Committee.

The Tizard-Lindemann Dispute.

Churchill and the Tizard Committee.

Scientists; The Unsung Heroes of Salvation.

Beaverbrook's vital contribution to Survival.

The ‘Big Wing’ Controversy (Park vs Leigh-Mallory).

Was Invasion ever a serious possibility?

How Stalin influenced the Battle of Britain.

How the 'Dowding System' prevented the defeat of Fighter Command in the Battle of Britain.

Polish pilots contribution to British efforts in the Battle of Britain.

Czech pilots contribution to British efforts in the Battle of Britain.

The role of Bletchley Park in the Battle of Britain.

How Britain 'paid' for US support in the Battle of Britain.

Dowding; Victor and Victim.

How close did Fighter Command really come to losing the Battle of Britain?

Brothers in Arms.

First Day Fatalities.

Articles may be commissioned on other aspects of the Battle.

We are currently developing an internet Battle of Britain War Game based on Adlerangriff.

Any two people can play wherever they are in the world.

The concept is to reflect as closely as possible the conditions prevailing in 1940 in that

The battle is fought out on a server but each side only has a limited view of events so each will be working with a slightly different screen.

The Luftwaffe can exploit their advantage of surprise and numbers whereas Fighter Command will have radar and fighter control on their side. Luftwaffe can manoeuvre outside radar range undetected. Long range radar will detect location but only overlapping radar (much less extensive) will give information about aircraft type.

The Luftwaffe objective is to destroy RAF airfields and so diminish Fighter Command’s ability to resist. They will be deemed to have won if 50% of airfields are destroyed.

The RAF objective is to destroy as many Luftwaffe aircraft as possible as quickly as possible. They will be deemed to have won if Luftwaffe strength is reduced by 50%.

The game will reflect the capabilities of each side’s aircraft.

Resolution of engagements will depend on

Numbers of aircraft involved

Relative composition of Luftwaffe formations

Random number selection to determine aircraft destroyed or damaged.

All engagement resolution will be computer-generated and relative strength recorded automatically (neither side will see the other side’s losses).

If you are interested in becoming involved with the game development please contact us explaining what you can bring to the table.